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Nothing Else Matters.


VITAfitnessco personal trainers are driven by achieving measurable results. We believe in providing our clients with all the tools and knowledge to not only achieve a new you, but to maintain it.

Nothing Else Matters.


Robyn Holland

Physically I am stronger than I have ever been.  I have lost over 10kg of fat and now at 57 years of age have more muscle than I had in my 20’s.  I feel young and strong and proud of what I achieved at VITA.  I could not have done it without the trainers educating me and encouraging me along the way.  Losing my long -held beliefs around nutrition and weight loss was monumental to me being successful.   My confidence is high and finally I feel like I am doing well on my health and fitness journey. 


Michael Ward

These boys are the real deal. My 5 week effort with VITA produced exceptional results, and the process was transformational physically, mentally and emotionally. If you're thinking about it you're already there - take the next step and get it done. Thank me later!


Karan Wats

I was very happy to meet my trainer who simplified my diet , exercise and lifestyle choices with the right amount of science and practicality. The result - I went from a 16 percent bodyfat measurement to a lean 7 percent and in the best shape of my life .  I previously tried every diet and training program you can read in the fitness industry but never had a real coach to put it all together. The secret I believe is to get a results focussed knowledgable coach who really cares and takes pride in his or her work . 


 Thank you VITA it’s been life changing ..


Luana Choucair

I lost a lot of weight, more than 10kg, and around 9% body fat.

To people who say it's not possible,

everything is possible!

 You just have to take the first step, work hard, be consistent, be honest on how you are handling things, trust the process and, of course, your trainer.



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Our premier service. We manage everything from body assessments, nutrition strategy and progressive training plan through 1:1 sessions.

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A world class academy to guide you through every stage of your journey with fully accredited grading for all ages.

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