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WTTU Moo Duk is the first full time dojang in Dubai, and the U.A.E.

'Moo Duk' translates to 'virtuous warrior'. 

We aim to produce great warriors who are strong and courageous as well as disciplined and kind. 

Moo Duk honours the traditions and cultures of the ancient Taekwondo art, whilst staying up to date with modern techniques.



Taekwondo, the way of the fist and foot is a Korean martial art representing a variety of ancient fighting techniques. Before the 1950s there were 9 separate kwans with unique martial arts traditions. these kwans later came together to form what is known today as taekwondo.


Free Trial

Come grow with us using the teachings passed down by the legendary Grandmaster Kang who represents several countries across the globe.

Our WTTU leaders are direct disciple descendants of the late Grandmaster Hwang Ki, founder of Moo Duk kwan.



At Moo Duk you are more than a member of a club.

You are part of a wider family of brothers and sisters who practice the same traditional style and have the same values and principles, steeped in history that spans back thousands of years.

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